Solved:Systemd (...required by some Arch repo apps)

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Re: Systemd (...required by some Arch repo apps)

Post#1 by francois » 19 Feb 2015, 22:04

Hello bluemeridian.

1.0 I do not think that we have systemd package on porteus. To get the package list of porteus installation, use the usm -l command:

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root@porteus:~# usm -
In the list I do not see systemd in the output. And as slackware = porteus, systemd and slackware as keywords on a webbrowser will give you some kind of explanation: ... 175523380/

2.0 By the way, I think that this post on integrating archlinux with AUR packages to porteus might interest you (exept for systemd):

Bogomips might also come to your rescue. :wink:
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Re: [Solved] Systemd (...required by some Arch repo apps)

Post#2 by Ed_P » 22 Mar 2015, 21:05

Your link results in:


Unknown package

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