Trying to build a kde 5 plasma module

Here is a place for your projects which are not officially supported by the Porteus Team. For example: your own kernel patched with extra features; desktops not included in the standard ISO like Gnome; base modules that are different than the standard ISO, etc...
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Re: Trying to build a kde 5 plasma module

Post#31 by beny » 20 Jun 2015, 14:42

hi cttan,maybe wread have a 32 bit version of plasma 5,in 64 bit there are a lot of hurdles gcc glibc xorg,i have ask for a script to reduce the number of packages but for now no answer from the mods,to make the whole xzm directories the brokenman script work very well,but i have to reduce the number due to the limit of aufs system and the plasma 5 with kde have a 1.1 giga too much i think for a package.
the kde 4.14.6 work on top porteus system,but this is the default kde software for the 14.1 slackware

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Re: Trying to build a kde 5 plasma module

Post#32 by francois » 13 Aug 2015, 01:20

Alien bob in july has provided a new update for kde 5: ... h%E2%80%A6

It is still qualified experimental.
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