Porteus LXQt dead?

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Porteus LXQt dead?

Post#1 by Ed_P » 09 Feb 2015, 23:51

chat wrote: fanthom - 08 Feb 2015, 23:11

fanthom - 08 Feb 2015, 23:10
dead end for us i would say ...

fanthom - 08 Feb 2015, 23:09
LXQT-0.9 released! too bad that now it depends on QT 5 and KDE Frameworks.
I saw the above comments about the new version of LXQt that Porteus can't support. So if this DE is dead for Porteus will RazorQt and/or LXDE be returning?

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Re: Porteus LXQt dead?

Post#2 by fanthom » 10 Feb 2015, 15:14

Porteus always cared about the size. for LXQt 0.9 i would have to drag Qt4 + Qt5 + KDE libs.
this is way too much so i think the game is over although its too early to say it definitely.

" if this DE is dead for Porteus will RazorQt and/or LXDE be returning?"
Razor is not developed anymore and LXDE is driven by one person afaik. future is uncertain for this DE so i rather dont see it coming back.

from our experience on this forum i can see that experimental DEs brings only troubles. We had Trinity, then Razor, now LXQt.
my proposition is to focus on stable and well tested desktops like KDE, MATE (old GNOME 2) and XFCE.
if one likes experiments then community section offers a number of alternatives.
Please add [Solved] to your thread title if the solution was found.

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Re: Porteus LXQt dead?

Post#3 by libernux » 22 Mar 2015, 22:26

Well Alien Bob is slowly transitioning kde4 to the new plasma environment (=kde5).
If I read his blogs correctly there is not much growth in space.
I will try to make a lxqt 0.9.0 module and compare this to the current lxqt 0.8.0 module to see what this means for Porteus.
All hope is not lost yet.
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Re: Porteus LXQt dead?

Post#4 by phhpro » 25 Mar 2015, 05:31

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Re: Porteus LXQt dead?

Post#5 by Rava » 07 Jun 2015, 15:32

What about FLWM ?
Amazing what TinyCore makes put of that.
Sadly, at least according to the wiki entry the colours are hard coded via compilation of the C++ code. :(
Yours Rava

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