Manually Doing What BleachBit Does Under 3.1

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Manually Doing What BleachBit Does Under 3.1

Post#1 by jimwg » 27 Jan 2015, 11:24


BleachBit Works! when it's able to boot-up, but so far it doesn't in 3.1 XFCE 32-bit, so where and what do I manually change or delete to perform the same space-making cleaning in a Porteus flash?

Thanks for any info!

Jim in NYC

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Re: Manually Doing What BleachBit Does Under 3.1

Post#2 by brokenman » 28 Jan 2015, 01:24

I have added the required files to extra-deps.txt which means a USM update should pull it in. Then it will download the required python deps when you download bleachbit.

If you want to download them manually you will need the following on top of bleachbit.

If you want to remove the files manually instead of bleachbit then run this command to see what files it deletes.

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find /usr/share/bleachbit/cleaners/ -name "*.xml"|xargs grep 'command="delete"'|grep -v '\\'
Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
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