Use Porteus as a usb live development machine

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Use Porteus as a usb live development machine

Post#1 by thomas.h » 29 Dec 2014, 16:01

Hi everyone !

I'm looking for a light linux distro for some ruby on rails development. I want to be able to work from different computers so a Live USB with persistence seems to be a good solution.

I am currently working with Ubuntu but I find it a bit slow, I'd like to give Porteus a try because it seems very proficient :) Before I start I have a few questions (and you'll probably help me better than myself tinkering with it) :
  • - Do you think the distribution is well suited for this kind of development (Ruby on rails) ?
    - Is the hardware compatibility as good as ubuntu ? ( I run it out of the box from 3 different computers)
    - Is there any kind of workspaces management capability ? I really like this feature
    - How can I activate the persistence feature ? How much space can I use with it ? (I'm currently stuck to 4 Go with ubuntu)
Thank you for your help !


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Re: Use Porteus as a usb live development machine

Post#2 by tome » 29 Dec 2014, 20:41

To get answers to your questions you should try it yourself. Ad. 4 - see documentation, How much space can I use with it ? - as much as you want, it depends on hardware. :wink:
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