What do you like best and what do you find most challenging

Post here if you are a new Porteus member and you're looking for some help.
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What do you like best and what do you find most challenging

Post#1 by linuxtothebone » 29 Dec 2014, 10:28

hi everyone,

I know this is probably not the correct place to post this but Im not sure where else to do so please move it to the appropriate place if you know one.

I just wanted to create some recognition for all the work that has gone into this distro. I guess its an opportunity to give respect and show up areas for potential improvement.

What do you all like best about this distro and what do you find the most challenging.

Let us get some insight, share your experiences, successes and ideas.

What I love about this distro...

is its simplicity, by that I mean its unbloatedness or lightweightlessness, unique customization potential, and the fact I can stick it on a usb stick and its easily as and more responsive as any popular linux distro (from a usb stick!!!) and sweet as on older hardware, its fundamental structure which I am still trying to understand, seems lke a really secure and creative approach from some inspired visionaries. Also the forum is totally Awesome!!! and the people who dedicate their time and energy to it. Its certainly made it possible for me to continue becoming familiar with it. a big thankyou to you all. And lastly for me is the fact its been developed in Ireland the homeland of my ancestors, we have so much to contribute to the world that are of benefit. thankyou.

What I find challenging or an area for potential improvement is...

the installation process, I am aware that it has had some major advancements in this area with the development of the USM package management system, though I think if it was more automated (without the need to "activate" each individual module, and a categorized package menu system with feedback/scoring) that would be a great advantage in enabling more people to make the switch. I think linux mints software install approach is very helpful in finding and evaluating what you need. I think it would make the final user customization of the whole system much faster. just a thought though it may have some downfalls too that I am unaware of, but would love to see it happen sometime in the future.

Let us know what you think, your experience and why you chose to use porteus? thanks and we look forward to your insights

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Re: What do you like best and what do you find most challeng

Post#2 by francois » 30 Dec 2014, 05:52

You can group together a package and its dependencies into what is called a bundle (a single module). Another option is to transfer the numerous modules into the /porteus/modules folder and reboot, all the modules into that folder will be activated at boot up. You also have the possibility to keep modules into dedicated folders of your choice and get them activated thru the extramode cheatcode in your grubloader instructions. There are many cheatcodes options in porteus which makes it a powerful distribution:
http://www.porteus.org/tutorials/26-gen ... -them.html
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