No Access Points Found - RTL8723BE Network Card

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White ninja
White ninja
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No Access Points Found - RTL8723BE Network Card

Post#1 by wnanthony » 16 Dec 2014, 09:20

When I boot into the Kiosk Setup Wizard I cannot see any access points.
I have a feeling this is a wireless card driver issue.
I'm using an RTL8723BE network card.
I could be way wrong.
Has anyone had success with this card previously?
What steps should I take next?

Thanks for any help.


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Moderator Team
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Re: No Access Points Found - RTL8723BE Network Card

Post#2 by fanthom » 16 Dec 2014, 10:01

hi Nick,

please do as follows:
a) download 3.2.0 ISO once again as it got latest updates on Saturday

b) install the kiosk using wired/dhcpcd connection (ethernet cable must be plugged it)

c) if your wifi adapter is on usb stick then please keep it plugged in all the time

d) on the final kiosk config page:
please press 'Edit' button -> add 'debug=yes' parameter manually -> press Save -> install as normal

e) once the kiosk boots it will open a system report in firefox so please copy it and send to
you could also upload your report to and post a link up here but it contain your MAC addresses so it's not recommended to post it in a public place.

thank you
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