Universal HDMI Sound (...Plug n' Play 4 Porteus)

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Re: Universal HDMI Sound (...Plug n' Play 4 Porteus)

Post#46 by blue4meridian » 26 Sep 2015, 11:14

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I was thinking along the lines of the script you mentioned that senses the device output
that is plugged in and automatically connects it and/or switches it (hotswapping?).

More or less what Google does with Android. I have a few of those plug and play devices.
I'm just not sure how they do it. Perhaps it might be proprietary.

Or... possibly using Arch OSS-->PulseAudio-->QtJack could be the solution?

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Re: Universal HDMI Sound (...Plug n' Play 4 Porteus)

Post#47 by brokenman » 26 Sep 2015, 22:16

The script would do essentially what I just posted (based on your output). I still have the set of scripts here, but from memory the udev implementation was buggy. This is what makes it plug and play. In its current state I was not happy releasing it.

Here is the main script for providing HDMI audio (once you have plugged in):


## Backup existing asound.conf
[ -f $asnd ] && mv $asnd ${asnd}.bak

## Get HDMI sound card/device number
cardnum=`aplay -l | awk '/HDMI '$hdmin'/{print$2}' | sed 's/://'`
devnum=`aplay -l | awk '/HDMI '$hdmin'/{print$8}' | sed 's/://'`

## Generate asound.conf
echo "defaults.pcm.card $cardnum" > $asnd
echo "defaults.pcm.device $devnum" >> $asnd
echo "defaults.ctl.card $cardnum" >> $asnd

Then you can test your speakers:
speaker-test -t sin -l 1

WARNING: This sound is irritating so be ready to ctrl + c to exit.
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Re: Universal HDMI Sound (...Plug n' Play 4 Porteus)

Post#48 by fullmoonremix » 02 Dec 2015, 00:16

Salutations... :good:

Would this script work with OSS?
I now have some udev rules that automatically send video to HDMI when it is plugged.
I'm not really familiar with "udev" but exactly how would I configure these rules for OSS.
I'm not the brightest bulb in the pack... however I'm a quick study if things are broken down for me.

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