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If you are looking for a specific 64-bit package and you can't find it in any of the 64-bit repos, please post a request for it here
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Re: Package Converter

Post#1 by fanthom » 13 Dec 2014, 19:21

maybe you could right mouse click on the .deb/.rpm and convert it to xzm using context menu actions?
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Re: Package Converter

Post#2 by francois » 13 Dec 2014, 21:45

Packageconverter is a frontend for alien. It seems to be available only in the rpm and deb binary forms.

Alien Slackware version is at:

To use alien, you will need several other programs.
- perl version 5.004 or greater
- rpms (the Red Hat Package Manager)
- dpkg, dpkg-dev, and debhelper (version 3 or above) on
- bzip2 (for stampede packages)
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Re: Package Converter

Post#3 by brokenman » 13 Dec 2014, 22:39

I have only bad memories of the "dark" ages before the GUI.
As fanthom suggested, use your GUI right click menu. No black magic involved. From your file manager just right click on the rpm/deb file. There should be an option there to convert to .xzm. Unless you have a particular need to convert files into deb/rpm in Porteus, I see no reason this isn't suitable enough.
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