In this Edition is about radio waves.
It contain the GnuRadio and should be a basis for some SDR-Apps.
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In this Edition is about radio waves.
It contain the GnuRadio and should be a basis for some SDR-Apps.
This version is very experimental.
I puplish it at this time because i need help with the Qt-Radio (see on the end).
I have only a TV-Stick with rtl2832u chipset for testing, for this reason this Edition is justified for RTL-SDR.
But i have try to build libs for other devices where it is possible.

Download the isoimage here
md5: 4e6f362419fb7e0517e806415ad4bd85
sha512: 0b739e2b1534a1f4f9c5c06df072d7b95d1a37858bf1675d2626a8268eb7439341afc185a0d20554ae29e5108e26fe87a84bb76ed56863a82b0cc5c3a1a020e0

If you need only a single packages from the CD they are here (ca 600mb)
md5: b61d4886856b393540e2f09041230a4a
sha512: 787b4c6db22e1b4ef74811f113ddd80f90fcffad89d73e7dc8c2ce44c125139703a181404ad5b6957f79ee15de3699beef4d889dda88a48632741ca361775b36
Here are a list of the sinle packages

E. Snowden have warned for dropbox for this reason equal the checksums.

- based on a Porteus 3.1-rc2 x86_64 KDE4 livecd

- libusb was removed from 001-core and there are 2 optional modules
libusb-1.0.9-x86_64-1 (= old) and libusb-1.0.19-x86_64-2KnKo (will be neeed for rtl-sdr).

- newer version of libpcap (1.6.2) in 001-core

- pulseaudio-5.0, paprefs-0.9.10, pavucontrol-2014.10.13 and a lot of other audiolibs from repository

- 2-3 GnuRadio Versions, and 3.7.3. The 3.7.3 version will normally not need and not load at startup.
The places are /opt/gnuradio/$VERSION.
The Gnuradio are depended by 2different Versions of QWT 6.0.2 and 6.1.1.
They are in /usr/lib64/qt/qwt/$VERSION
GnuRadio has already some extensions like gr-osmosdr they are all in the GnuRadio-prefix-path (/opt/gnuradio/$VERSION)
for running or building a application that depends on GnuRadio, use: gr3651 (for, gr373 (for 3.7.3) and gr3751 (for scripts.
These scripts set the right libarypaths.
for example run: "gr3651 osmosdr-tetra_demod_fft.py <some_options>" instead "osmosdr-tetra_demod_fft.py <some_options>"

- mono-3.10.0 / monodevelop-5.0.1
for TVSharp and old version of SDR# (newer versions are not for Linux)
(for running SDR# stop pulseaudio first)

- xnec2c
Xnec2c is a GTK2-based Graphical version of nec2c, my translation to the C language of NEC2,
the FORTRAN Numerical Electromagnetics Code commonly used for antenna simulation and analysis.

- kicad and libarys
KiCad is an EDA software suite for the creation of professional schematics and printed circuit boards

- audacity-2.0.5 from repository

- wireshark-1.12.1

- aircrack-ng but airoscript will not work correct i hope this will fix by aircrack-ng in future

- some SDR-Applications like Qt-Radio, gqrx, multimode, multimon, pocsag-mrt, osmocom-tetra, TVSharp and some others.

Important remark:
- for activating|deactivating SDR on rtl2832u-devices run: "rtlsdr start|stop"

- for some devices i have build only the hostpart (librarys, binarys) the firmware and whatever, must be build self.
Because i do not have these devices and i can not test them.
The source that i used inclusive my hostpart-build are in the corresponding modules at path: porteus/extramod/hwsrc
(the modules will not start automatic).

- for some license limitation it is not possible to build a ready module with etsi-sound-de(en)coder
for building go to somestuff/tetrasound and run: "sh ./build_etsi_sound"
It work only on 32bit for this reason must the compat32-libraries are loading.

- normally ipv6 and avahi are disabled if you wont them add to noload=allNetworkServOff;ipv6Off;avahiOff
I have add a script that (en|dis)able some network services run on root: "nwservice" and see the description.

Here my Qt-Radio problem:

i run:
starting Harware servers: rtlsdr-server
starting DSP server: dttsp
GUI: Qt-Radio

Qt-Radio sound crash after a short time with:
QAudioOutput: after start error= 4 state= 2
error 4 means: A non-recoverable error has occurred, the audio device is not usable at this time.
state 2 means: The audio device is closed, not processing any audio data

Im sure that is related to Pulseaudio.
As I understand it make there own virtuell sound devices and blocking the alsa device.
But the vituell sound device can be used One time. And i have no idea how can i create a extravirtuell device for Qt-Radio and how can i set them into Qt-Radio.
For example you can not run gqrx and playing youtube videos for the same time because the use both the default device.

I have temporarily surrender, im annoyed.
The sound configuration on linux is very complex. It is sufficient for a High school subject.