2 things - PXE; HDMI audio

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2 things - PXE; HDMI audio

Post#1 by Porsche_maniak » 05 Dec 2014, 14:51

Hi there. I've started fighting with 2 major problems in linux.
I think porteus can be the only thing that can save me from this hell LOL.

1st. I've never achived HDMI Audio working on my system with any linux distro except with slackopuppy 5.7. I don't know how it happened but when I had sound I was loosing picture.When the sound stops the picture appears LOL.
My integrated gpu is ati radeon x1250 and alsa tells it is codec - ATI RS690/780 HDMI .
I've tried radeon.audio=1 from menu.lst . I've set it as default sound card over and over again and no luck. I've even disabled the onboard audio if it is causing something (from bios). No luck again.
Maybe linux drivers don't support it I'm tired of trying really.

2nd. Let's say that I'm with no Hard Drive at all. I easily made PXE server (not the porteus option one) and each linux distro loads the vmlinuz and initrd to the client pc and so till the kernel tries to load the main files (in this scenraio porteus folder) it simply doesn't finds it. How can i resolve that? And when that happens can I somehow edit the porteus to load/save settings (frugal) to webdav mounted partition ? I don't care that it would be slow. I guess it is just couple of functions before running into runlevel 4 to mount webdav partition and tell to porteus that there is the save file.. Is that possible? Any other solution?


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Re: 2 things - PXE; HDMI audio

Post#2 by fanthom » 05 Dec 2014, 22:00

hi Porsche_maniak,

a) Arch wiki says that HDMI is giving troubles in linux >=3.0 so you may be out of luck with that:

b) Porteus uses NFS for PXE boot because you can save changes directly through NFS. if you want to use other linux than Porteus as PXE server then you have to install and configure NFS on it.
please boot porteus then have a look on /mnt/live/linuxrc script which does the job client side and /opt/porteus-scripts/pxe-(something - cant remember now) which configures NFS and start services on the server.

WARNING: it wont be an easy task so if you are not determined then i would give up right now or just use Porteus as a PXE server.
Please add [Solved] to your thread title if the solution was found.

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