Porteus v3.1rc2 bug reports

Please reproduce your error on a second machine before posting, and check the error by running without saved changes or extra modules (See FAQ No. 13, "How to report a bug"). For unstable Porteus versions (alpha, beta, rc) please use the relevant thread in our "Development" section.
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Change keyboard map / languages Re: Porteus v3.1rc2 bug repo

Post#61 by ElectriQT » 14 Dec 2014, 16:26

The "new to linux" -user, without knowledge of cheatcodes and so on, that users
might not know yet how to fix it when the tool suddenly also was gone from the toolbar, they might find this tip useful,

-Sweeds, In a terminal, write this to get back your local se-keyboard map with all keys again in Linux:

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setxkbmap se 
Other users, use YOUR countrys 2 letters-code for your local keyboard layouts.
"se" for sweden, "us" for english keyboard, "dk" Denemark, "de" for Germanz, "no" Norway,
"ru" ащк Кгыышфт лунищфкв дфнщгеюю , ανδ "setxkbmap gr" φορ γρεεκ κεαυβοαρδ λαυοθτ..?

"Dont try this at home .. " :-)
So if you now cant type "us" again, then You can Use the Arrow up key,
to be able to repeat that earlier "setxkbmap us" command, to get back to your local language again.

Note: If you did NOT run your local code FIRST before setting it to the odd one, for example "gr" , ..then you might
feel a bit lost now, with this new alphabet in the terminal, but I do think it looks more beautiful .

Posts: 116
Joined: 10 Nov 2013, 12:02
Distribution: LXDE3.5Manjaro, LXDE3.01-32bit
Location: Sweden

Re: Porteus v3.1rc2 bug reports

Post#62 by ElectriQT » 14 Dec 2014, 16:42

5) that's why it will be better to set all the channels to 75% by default so it wont be too loud. users can always control defaults with 'volume=%' cheatcode.
-I think I might have be unclear, I mean:
Just the MAIN control, the "MASTER" should be default at startup to 75%, right?
The others should default to a normal 100%? (but now they dont)

I think this is good praxis, As all users have access to a physical volume control for UP of the "MASTER", also they do have a volume control in the GUI in most cases(this is the MASTER in the mixer), but if all people needs to edit Alsamixer every time for "PCM and SPEAKER" to 100% first, in every days clean boot, (even when we did set volume at 100% in the isoconfigurator), that is just a bit annoying "bug". But Not a dealbreaker. Im used to do this extra step with Alsamixer every time now, but many new users might not know why the "Max" (master) volume still is to low to hear.

Hmm, no Do not link all controls together with master. (i read that somewhere)
That would make the mixer useless, Master is master, and should continue to be that.

6) will fix for next release. you should definitely post these earlier as 3.1 final goes live today.
will patch what i can through the PSC->updates.

Yes, Sorry for me to being late to the party, didnt know the release day,
And just reported things at the time when I found them

And I found another small one now in the new XFCE 3.1 ;-)

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