replace flashblock in Firefox !

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replace flashblock in Firefox !

Post#1 by hypomania » 04 Apr 2011, 04:12

since long time we used "FlashBlock" on Firefox, but there is another tool call "Stop Autoplay",
with "Stop Autoplay" there are more options more than FlashBlock and smaller in size even and look like nice,
you can see the difference in both photo for both tools

Image Image

and I think good idea to replace "FlashBlock" by "Stop Autoplay" in final Porteus.
FlashBlock = 82 KB
Stop Autoplay = 41 KB ... -autoplay/


Never install Stop Autoplay together with Flashblock, only one of both add-ons will work for you!

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Re: replace flashblock in Firefox !

Post#2 by fanthom » 05 Apr 2011, 08:30

theres one thing which i dont like with 'Stop Autoplay': it removes flash objects completely which affects page layout (same as adblock). Flashblock keeps page layout untouched.

thanks for suggestion but i'm staying with flashblock.
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