Porteus chromiumOS for Porteus-v3.1rc1 XFCE

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Porteus chromiumOS for Porteus-v3.1rc1 XFCE

Post#1 by brokenman » 19 Oct 2014, 20:41

Thanks to Jacoby59. This is a module that will convert your Porteus-v3.1rc1-x86_64-xfce porteus into a chromiumOS system but without the limitations. Everything Porteus is still available but the skin looks more like chromiumOS.

1) You must ONLY run this on Porteus-v3.1rc1+
2) You must ONLY run this on the XFCE version of porteus version in 1) above
3) You MUST have the 04-chrome.xzm module.

After satisfying the above requirements drop this module into your modules folder and reboot. The panel is unlocked and will need to be positioned to suit your resolution. Then you can right click on it and lock it, and have it autohide so it isn't in the way.


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