Porteus Minimal

Here is a place for your projects which are not officially supported by the Porteus Team. For example: your own kernel patched with extra features; desktops not included in the standard ISO like Gnome; base modules that are different than the standard ISO, etc...
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Porteus Minimal

Post#1 by Jacoby59 » 26 Sep 2014, 15:02

Couldn't create a new topic in Porteus derivatives, so I chose to post it here. Moderators, kindly move this to the appropriate section.

I've been playing with Porteus Xfce a lot lately. Here's my Chrome OS inspired Porteus mod. I'll only post screenshots for now. However, if anyone is interested in such a minimal design please PM me and I'll try my best to compile this to an iso. (note- I'm actually a n00b so there's a chance I'll never be able to compile this for you without help)

I can't upload images wider than 700 pixels, so here are the links-


I chose to go with one of the wallpapers that come with chromebooks partly because hey, Chrome OS inspired me, and partly because it looks too darn cool. There are four apps at the bottom right and the other launcher is the app launcher for Chrome. I got rid of all the desktop icons and applications menus as I thought they were too much of a distraction.


Running Jolidrive app. As you can see, the notification panel and the launcher icons don't get covered when the window is maximized, leaving space at the bottom for..


..this auto-hide panel. Just when you were starting to wonder whether the lack of icons meant lack of functionality. This dock currently has five launchers- Thunar File Manager, Terminal, USM, Settings & Log Out respectively (you can add more to suit your needs). I also added new themes, for both icons and the window manager. Notice the new icons in settings manager


and in Thunar file manager.


Chrome app launcher in action


Google Chrome app itself


And lastly, to verify that this really is Porteus and I'm not trolling you guys with Xubuntu screenshots.

Edit- This is by no means a stripped version of Porteus. I apologize if the title led you to believe so.
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Re: Porteus Minimal

Post#2 by brokenman » 26 Sep 2014, 15:15

Very nice. I like the minimalistic theme.
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