to java or not to java with the (chrome) browser

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to java or not to java with the (chrome) browser

Post#1 by francois » 29 Aug 2014, 11:31

I work with google chrome as my regular browser. I like the speed, the multiple features and the functionality. I find firefox a little clumsy. But to compare these to this is not the main objective of my intervention.

I got into interesting and serious sites which would ask for java. This does not happen often to me. However, this was the case.

The procedure to activate java under linux seems to be complicated. I thought that a simple plugin would do the job, see: ... ubuntu.xml

Though I suspect that JDK, JRE or javafx would do the job:

What are your pros and cons of having java on your favorite browser? Did you found an easy solution to install java on chromium?
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