Gnome/MATE theme Windows8 for Porteus

Here is a place for your projects which are not officially supported by the Porteus Team. For example: your own kernel patched with extra features; desktops not included in the standard ISO like Gnome; base modules that are different than the standard ISO, etc...
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Gnome/MATE theme Windows8 for Porteus

Post#1 by bdheeman » 28 Aug 2014, 20:21

Hello MATE users,

Try gnome-theme-windows8.SlackBuild, you'll need to activate/install gnome-themes-standard-3.8.4-i486-1.txz which can be grabbed using usm package manager. You'll also need to grab git-*.txz and install or activate it after converting the Slackware package to Porteus module using txz2xzm script.

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# sudo su -
# usm -g gnome-themes-standard-3.8.4-i486-1.txz
# txz2xzm gnome-themes-standard-3.8.4-i486-1.txz
# activate gnome-themes-standard-3.8.4-i486-1.xzm
# mkdir -p ~/SlackBuilds
# cd ~/SlackBuilds
# tar xvf gnome-theme-windows8-git.tar.xz
# cd gnome-theme-windows8
# ./gnome-theme-windows8.SlackBuild
# txz2xzm /tmp/gnome-theme-windows8-*.txz
# activate /tmp/gnome-theme-windows8-*.xzm
To change/set theme, using menu, select new theme by clicking System->Preferences->Appearance and customize it a bit:
Remove the panel at bottom, move the top panel to bottom, increase its height to 48px, remove Menu Bar (custom menu), add Main Menu (MATE Menu), add/remove other items which you like or don't like. Finally change the background of this panel.

Gnome/MATE programmers, can we automate the above said settings with the help of a tool/script?

I attempted to port ... ain/README, but it seems a bloatware to me; better fork Window List applet and remove/comment out code which shows titles.


EDIT: Updated links to new site/locations ;-)
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Re: Gnome/MATE theme Windows8 for Porteus

Post#2 by brokenman » 29 Aug 2014, 02:31

Nice. It may be possible to make the theme changes via script.

1) Dump the current config.
dconf dump / > settings1.txt

2) Make the changes you want to the desktop
3) Dump the changed config.
dconf dump / > settings2.txt

4) Diff the files to see what changed.

In the script you would need to dump the config file and then make the required changes in it (found in previous steps). Then reload it.
dconf load / < settings_changed.txt
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