Adobe AIR

If you are looking for a specific 32-bit package and you can't find it in any of the 32-bit repos, please post a request for it here.
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Adobe AIR

Post#1 by MarTinazzI » 14 Aug 2014, 19:06

I need this pkg, but Adobe only have the old vision ( Adobe AIR 2.6.0 Linux (15.4 MB) ) a .bin file, But I got this erro: "Adobe AIR could not be installed because this is not a supported Linux distribution. Only RPM- and Debian-based Linux distributions are supported."

Some one can save my skin and generate a .zxm?

Thanks in advance.

Obs.: if someone can teach me how to do, I'll be grateful just the same.
MarTinazzI, rafael

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Re: Adobe AIR

Post#2 by Slaxmax » 14 Aug 2014, 20:33

Adobe air is not supported in linux anymore.
Maybe works adobe air (windows) via wine.
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Re: Adobe AIR

Post#3 by tome » 14 Aug 2014, 21:16

I have made adobe-air-2.6.0-i386 xzm module, to solve mentioned error you need debian-pkgtools - these two modules are at: (modules for any x86 release), you can rebuild this adobe-air module and replace flashplayer and certificates with newer ones.
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