"khugepaged" and "tumblerd" high CPU priority

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"khugepaged" and "tumblerd" high CPU priority

Post#1 by jimwg » 12 Aug 2014, 13:55


I've found that sometimes the CPU level for "khugepaged" and "tumblerd" often shoots to priority 19 and slows many other tasks. It SEEMS to occur when Opera or CopyAgent is used and stays that way till re-boot, but not certain. Just to mention a finding.

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Re: "khugepaged" and "tumblerd" high CPU priority

Post#2 by donald » 12 Aug 2014, 15:19

A google search shows that this a widespread phenomenon.

as a workaround for "tumblerd" they suggest to disable the
"Thumbnail preview" and/or to close the download folder while downloading
big (movie) files.

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