Questions howto building a correct porteus module

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Questions howto building a correct porteus module

Post#1 by Zork » 17 Mar 2011, 15:20

Sorry i have read the "Rules for build scripts" only now.
But i have any questions:

1.) what is the best way to get a correct /var/log/packages/packagename
and /install/slack-desc file respectively ?
currently i use scripts that:

$ compile the source
$ make install with changing the makefile parameters to a sepperated dir
$ write a slack-desc file with cat << EOF > slack-desc
$ build a txz file via: makepkg -l y -p packagename
$ txz2lzm
then i have a /var/log/scripts/packagename this contain the data
and a /var/log/packages/packagename with no description

what methods are exist to make a correct slack-desc file because,
i think the slack-desc get not correct by the txz2lzm procedure. The
data from slack-desc dont wrapped to /var/log/packages/packagename

2.) Howto get a PACKAGE DESCRIPTION: in /var/log/packages/packagename ?

3.) What is or what is the use of the PACKAGE LOCATION: ?
When i make txz2lzm this is a long path where currently the txz file is.
Why we need this ?

question to Hamza from this thread 4.)
I have dont understand the request should i build one big wireshark Module ?
I dont now if these clever because, i detect you dont need the other modules
to run wireshark, only for building you need these.

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Re: Questions howto building a correct porteus module

Post#2 by Hamza » 17 Mar 2011, 16:00

Yes , If you want publish your module on my module section , please make a big module with the description of libs included .

If, your module is already made , please post it somewhere with the description.


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Re: Questions howto building a correct porteus module

Post#3 by brokenman » 20 Mar 2011, 03:30

I am in the middle of writing a script that will convert an existing slack package into a porteus compatible module. It will be good for quickly making porteus modules.

1. txz2lzm should produce the correct slack package file.
2. Grab a package from the slacky repository and look at the layout. We will use the same layout for /var/log/packages file. They are good because the LOCATION line will identify the category of the module.
3. /database/modulename --> This allows a script to search 'PACKAGES.TXT' for all packages in the 'database' category and list them.

Slacky PACKAGES.TXT identify which dependencies are 'required' to run a package and which deps are needed to 'compile' a module (noted by '|')

I would like the porteus modules to include the REQUIRED: field found in a slacky PACKAGES.TXT file as it will help with dependency resolution, but the txz package doesn't transfer these details. That's why i am writing a script. We need to set the ground rules for modules NOW so that we can start producing modules for the official release. Nobody stepped up, so this is the layout i came up with. Suggestions are welcome.

Posted after 2 days 6 hours 53 minutes 52 seconds:
A script for converting slacky packages into Porteus modules: ... 2080#p2080
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White ninja
White ninja
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Re: Questions howto building a correct porteus module

Post#4 by Zork » 20 Mar 2011, 19:25

the reason was makepkg and txz2lzm need packet-names that have these exact format:
and not:
programmname-version-$(uname -n)$(uname -r)-architecture-buildversion.sq4.txz

here is the bigpacket that contain bison flex gtk wireshark tcpdump and libs ... onLibs.lzm
but this is not usefull
reason 1)
You can not deactivate the module because there are any files exist on Porteus 9
reason 2)
i have discovers that i need only libpng, but there are *.so file from my package
exist on Porteus 9.
The problem is you can not deactivate the module. Although i removed the
double file and links from the package but porteus say: is in use ???
Wireshark works fine without my libpng packages i think the required libpng files exist
on Porteus 9.
reason 3)
bison and flex are programmingtools and you dont need it fore use Wireshark.
reason 4)
tcpdump is an extra packet capturing tool you dont need it fore use Wireshark.

for all this reasons use this:
Wireshark and Tcpdump with all reqired libs, files and decription plus libpng files. ... Libpng.lzm
But you can not deactivate

or this ( my favorite )
Wireshark and Tcpdump with all reqired libs, files and decription. libpng files extra ... mpLibs.lzm
because you do not need libpng to run Wireshark

or this
Wireshark with required libs / Tcpdump / and libpng files ... p9Zork.lzm

these modules contain all reqired libs, files and decription

Please get me feadback if the single tcpdump package have the correct form.

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