Multiple sound cards on different PCs

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Multiple sound cards on different PCs

Post#1 by Kriss » 28 Jul 2014, 02:14

Hi all!
In the past I had a nightmare with usb soundcard when PC is already have one.
I didn't find solution to this problem yet (because they usually used the same driver snd_hda_intel )
but recently I've found a simple solution that does not "hardcode" soundcards to certain indexes.

Solution was pretty simple. By default ALSA places soundcards in order they were loaded by so by adding "modprobe snd-virtuoso" to "/etc/rc.d/rc.modprobe" I have this card placed as default one.
Probably there's solution for soundcards with the same driver, but I didn't find it yet.
In the meantime I wanted to share this find with everyone. =)
Suggestions/corrections/additions are always welcome.

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