High CPU Usage With Firefox Modules

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High CPU Usage With Firefox Modules

Post#1 by jimwg » 10 Jul 2014, 08:56


I found high CPU usage in the Firefox modules, so constantly bouncing betweem 40 to 55% even with zero add-ons, creating a general system slowdown. I feared some malware invoilved or some Speed Dial panel running amok. On the other hand, Seamonkey barely registers CPU usage, even doing .mov files. Seamonkey also dramatically extends batt life and runs laptop cooller in summer days without AC. I'm using XFCE 4.11 and its system load monitor (with the 46.9meg xorg from pre 3,0 final to fully run it uncrippled if it matters). Please back up my findings.

Jim in NYC

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Re: High CPU Usage With Firefox Modules

Post#2 by brokenman » 11 Jul 2014, 01:27

Any particular URL that induces this CPU load? Maybe flash is causing it? You will need to boot into fresh mode to confirm that it is indeed vanilla ff causing the load.
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Re: High CPU Usage With Firefox Modules

Post#3 by Bogomips » 11 Jul 2014, 15:41

And I thought I had a rogue script. The moment it starts pkill firefox avoids restart. Also running with (Alt+F2): nice -n 10 firefox

Going to try and get SeaMonkey going. Will post here if anything turns up.
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