Porteus Settings Centrre & noauto

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Re: Porteus Settings Centrre & noauto

Post#16 by Hamza » 11 Aug 2014, 18:18

Hi fanthom,

This is done now.

Cheers, Hamza

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Re: Porteus Settings Centrre & noauto

Post#17 by Ed_P » 11 Aug 2014, 18:24

fanthom wrote: please force min 20% so system will be able to boot.
That seems low considering some might choose the print option. 30-40 would seem better imo.

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Re: Porteus Settings Centrre & noauto

Post#18 by Bogomips » 11 Aug 2014, 22:23

fanthom wrote:what else could we add to this:

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Prevents the system from mounting any devices during startup. Useful for disabling access to your partitions by unprivileged users, as only root has rights to mount internal volumes.
Suppose it's purely academic now, but you could have added something to the effect that system appliications will not be able to access unmounted volumes.

However IMHO the neater and still applicable solution would be the programming one (after ascertaining there is no file system on '/mnt/sdxy'): This operation requires access to volume holding 'porteus' directory. Please mount /dev/sdxy on /mnt/sdxy. Continue? | Quit?
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Re: Porteus Settings Centrre & noauto

Post#19 by brokenman » 12 Aug 2014, 02:58

However IMHO the neater and still applicable solution would be the programming one
Understood. I will review the PSC code and add checks for a mounted files system. Thanks.
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