DMDE won't run from root claiming that it requires superuser

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Re: DMDE won't run from root claiming that it requires super

Post#16 by fanthom » 08 Jul 2014, 06:36

someone seems to forget one thing:
i did swap the kernel and this app magically started working without any other change. i still claim that it's a porteus kernel incompatibility with this particular application.

not going to dig any further into it.
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White ninja
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Re: DMDE won't run from root claiming that it requires super

Post#17 by tzok » 08 Jul 2014, 15:10

Fragment's of response from the Author of DMDE:
Dmitry Sidorov wrote: (...)
getuid() may be called different ways thus may result in the problem.
If you call it using libc function then getuid() returns correct result
on Porteus. But also it may be called using system call.
More thorough study found that system calls 24 (getuid) and 49 (geteuid)
are not implemented on Porteus (ENOSYS error returned) unlike the most
of other systems. However there calls 199 (getuid32) and 201 (geteuid32)
are defined.
Another interesting observation is that you actually don't need to be
root user to directly access devices on Porteus. You may run the
software even as a guest and get full access.
So everything should be clear now.

I'd also like to correct my statement that Free version of DMDE allows recovery of a single file only - it allows marking up to 4000 files from the current working directory for a recovery, so not a single file at a time but many files from a single directory at once.

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