PXE booting the "diskcryptor" image file does not work

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PXE booting the "diskcryptor" image file does not work

Post#1 by att » 10 Jun 2014, 13:07

I know it's not a Porteus problem, but maybe you can help.
I'm using Porteus 3.0 as PXE server and DHCP server. The multi-boot PXE menu is very useful, I can boot Porteus via PXE fine, I can boot DOS via PXE fine, but I just cannot boot the "diskcryptor" PXE boot file.
"Diskcryptor" is an alternative to truecrypt, as you perhaps know already. ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/diskcryptor/ )

Diskcryptor offers to decode your encrypted Harddisk using a PXE boot file which contains a key for decryption.
The file generated by Diskcryptor is called "loader.img" (19.653 bytes), or, for burning to CD it is called "loader.iso" (1.835.008 bytes).

If you burn that file to a CD, and you boot from that CD, the harddisk decryption works neatly.
But: If you decided to boot from PXE, the Porteus PXE Boot menu appears, but the booting of the file "loader.img" is always resulting in the error message: "Invalid or corrupt kernel image".

My pxelinux.cfg/default contains:
LABEL dos2
MENU LABEL Run FreeDOS modded
KERNEL /memdisk
APPEND initrd=/balder10.img

LABEL decrypt
MENU LABEL Run HD decryptor
KERNEL /loader.img
Decrypt first hd

LABEL decrypt2
MENU LABEL load HD decryptor ISO file
KERNEL /loader.iso
TEST 2 load iso
The modded FreeDOS boots fine, PLOP bootloader boots fine from PXE, - just the darned "loader.img" or "loader.iso", made by Diskcryptor, will not work.

Any advice?

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