KIOSK31 kills my phoneline (KIOSK21 works fine)

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KIOSK31 kills my phoneline (KIOSK21 works fine)

Post#1 by tacovdveen » 03 Jun 2014, 13:24


I came across a strange problem using KIOSK31 (and also other Porteus31's)

When I boot KIOSK31-CD(original download), and choose wired connection
plus automatic-IP(DHCP), then my phoneline is still alive.
BUT after pressing 'next' in the following screen:"Final Confirmation'"
my phoneline is dead. Internet is working (goes down after like 30min).
Then I have to RESET my modem + ReBoot the computer to get back
online and get my phone back to life.

When I take the same laptop + same CD to my neighbour and boot
this, connected to his LAN, there is no problem. So the problem is my LAN
connection ( netherlands), or KIOSK31 uses some code that my
LAN don't know, strange because KIOSK21 didn't have this problem.
(can there be a virus in a modem? I don't think so, so it must be hardware
or settings. Still strange, because KIOSK21 has no such troubles)
To be sure I used 'back to factory-settings' for the modem. Still same trouble.

VBOX_KIOSK21 is not working + BIOS_KIOSK21 is booting fine
BIOS_KIOSK31 is not working well + VBOX_KIOSK31 is booting fine
So somewhere between 21 and 30 the code in porteus changed
Making VBOX-boot better and BIOS-boot worse (for me alone?)
All other Linux-distro's(20) I tried don't have this strange behaviour.

Fanthom advised me to try manual-IP instead of DHCP
This works perfect. So I do have a solution for VBOX and 'real life'.

But still it would be nice to know whether other people experience
the same strange problems.


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