plasmoids for 64bit ISO

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plasmoids for 64bit ISO

Post#1 by fanthom » 08 Mar 2011, 22:40

as you probably know we have some non standard plasmoids (which are not a part of kdeplasma-addons package yet) included in 64bit Porteus:
- gx-mail-notify: ... tent=99617
- PhotoOfTheDay: ... ent=104631

pleasmoids are small in size, looks good and have nice functionality (although some are pretty useless). these two looks interesting: ... 9300340387 ... 9300340387 ... ent=139738

if anybody is interested in compiling and creating xzm module from a plasmoid - please do and post link to it up here. after positive verification (i wont accept plasmoid which farts after clicking on it) i'll try to include it in the default ISO. be aware that you need to keep the plasmoids in sync with porteus KDE-4 releases. some plasmoids may be not updated to the latest kde versions.

whole plasmoid database:

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