Internet Security Tools 1.2

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Internet Security Tools 1.2

Post#1 by freestyler » 07 Apr 2014, 02:52


This is a set of internet security tools with a custom GUI. Its main features include an easy to use GUI frontend for openVPN and Dnscrypt-proxy (DNS Encryption). This module also includes Tor - connect to the onion router, Bleachbit - Clears browser history and other unused files similar to ccleaner, as well as one click installs for disconnect + noscript firefox addons. It can be run from the menu or from terminal using "internet-security-tools"
A new "I.D" tab is available to change MAC address and change hostname temporarily.

Change Log:
- Added I.D Tab
- Added "change MAC address"
- Added "Change hostname"
- Now detects desktop enviroment (one script covers every DE)
- Includes dnscrypt-tools
- Includes change-mac

Category: Security
Distribution: Porteus 3.0
Architecture: 64 bit
Contains all deps: Yes
Download: internet-security-tools-1..2.xzm

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Re: Internet Security Tools 1.2

Post#2 by brokenman » 07 Apr 2014, 12:40

nice work
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