No sound with java based links [Solved!!]

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Re: No sound with java based links [Solved!!]

Post#16 by Ed_P » 25 Apr 2014, 23:56

brokenman wrote:

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ls -a
ls --help
Have a look in the settings of spacefm. There should be an option to show hidden files there too.
Thanks brokenman. The spaceFM option took some time to find. I went thru every spaceFM menu option there is with no success but I did find it. It's in the list of View options that shows when right clicking on an individual file. :)

It would be nice, if possible, to have an spaceFM option that displays hidden files without also displaying hidden folders/directories.

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Re: No sound with java based links [Solved!!]

Post#17 by brokenman » 26 Apr 2014, 18:18

Glad you found it. In linux a directory and a file can be thought of as the same thing. They are essentially just files.

It is probably possible to make something that hides dot files based on their mimetype (directory then hide). My TODO list is a little long at the moment.
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