skippy-xd 0.5-1

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skippy-xd 0.5-1

Post#1 by freestyler » 03 Apr 2014, 22:53


Skippy-XD is a full-screen task-switcher for X11. You know that thing Mac OS X, Compiz and KWin do where you press a hotkey and suddenly you see miniature versions of all your windows at once? Skippy-XD does just that. It's most commonly known by Mac OS X's name for it - Exposé.

To use run "skippy-xd" from terminal

For information how to bind it to a key like F9 using Xfce:

Architecture: 64 bit
Distribution: Porteus 3.0
Catergory: Desktop
Download: skippy-xd-0.5-1.xzm