Move window Alt+Left Click, how to disable?

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Move window Alt+Left Click, how to disable?

Post#1 by georgelan » 31 Mar 2014, 04:35

Hi, im using Porteus LXDE and need to be able to disbale the default window move behavior
its currently set to alt+left click, other distros allow you to change the alt to "super" or meta
to change this.. how can i do it? any tips?

oh and btw, this is my first post..
and i need this fix for using Blender 3D with Maya keymaps.
when you try to rotate in the 3d window it drags the whole window instead of rotating inside the scene.


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Re: Move window Alt+Left Click, how to disable?

Post#2 by sparticle » 13 Sep 2014, 11:14

I got the same problem too. Did you find something? I know that in KDE4 you could set Blender to not conflict with the global shortcuts, however I didn't find something similar for LXDE yet. You could edit the global configurations though:

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