[Solved] For newbees extra info in the wizard on DPMS

New features which should be implemented in Porteus Kiosk Edition and the kiosk wizard.
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[Solved] For newbees extra info in the wizard on DPMS

Post#1 by tacovdveen » 23 Mar 2014, 07:44

First of all KIOSK and the wizard are the best.
I am quite new to Linux, tried many, but Porteus is the easiest
and a good start (for me hopefully ending) in Linux. It feels as
solid as my XP I have been using for 15years. Never a problem.

The wizard is perfect. Only 'DPMS default on' had me search for
quite a while, why my screen went black after 10min watching FILM
Of course I found it, but this had me download 4 times a KIOSK.iso
before I got it (I am a slow learner).

For me DPMS was unknown. All the other descriptions in wizard were
very clear, a little more info in DPMS popup would have been good.
and saved some bandwidth(4 .iso's) (for example, "this settings blacks
the screen after 10min" or something like that).

regards Taco
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Re: For newbees a little extra info in the wizard on DPMS

Post#2 by fanthom » 23 Mar 2014, 09:42

Hi Taco,

will ask Hamza for changing the desc to:

Code: Select all

Enable DPMS feature which turns off the monitor after 10 minutes of keyboard/mouse inactivity.
hopefully this will be more straight forward now.

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