Include fluxbox as download option?

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Include fluxbox as download option?

Post#1 by Terus » 18 Mar 2014, 21:02

Is it possible?

Who want fluxbox, please leave a comment.

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Re: Include fluxbox as download option?

Post#2 by dustbunnies » 21 Mar 2014, 06:38

terus, check out this thread:
[Porteus-LXDE] UI-Productivity-SuperPack.Updated Jan 11,2014

I'm a fluxbox fan, but I expect modifying the the autobuilder to accommodate a "another window manager/DE" would not be accomplished easily.
Also, who among the forum regulars could, and would, stand ready to answer support questions related to that additional DE?

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Re: Include fluxbox as download option?

Post#3 by ncmprhnsbl » 23 Mar 2014, 03:42

is it possible? certainly. likely? probably not.
as i understand it, at the moment porteus has three core devs, covering five desktops, kernel drivers and documentation etc(and their day jobs).
the general trend is finding ways to do less, not more.
which is a good idea, no point in taking on more than you can handle.
so unless you or somebody wants to step in and build it......

that said, what is more likely, as dustbunnies aludes to, is (for someone) to make an addon module for lxde( or another desktop,depending on what apps you want) a community project.

here is one i made to utilise openbox and add conky tint2 spacefm etc..
and here is a 'how to' for that.

unless, you want some specific apps you prefer, since fluxbox itself is just a wm and panel.
and thats the question, what sort of fluxbox do you want? which bells and whistles(filemanager etc)? or none at all ?
build it yourself and you can have exactly what want ;) neko's fvwm module is a good example.

i have made a fluxbox module, using usm, but all it is, is fluxbox with some configs atm.. built atop of lxde+openboxaddon.
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