usb flash

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usb flash

Post#1 by petrherynk » 15 Mar 2014, 12:29

I created iso file and tried to copy it to usb flash via dd copy. No boot. I burn it into cd an succesfully booted. I am not able to install porteus into hard drive. I tried to create one root and one home partition as in other linux distros. Unsuccessfully. I tried to install porteus into usb flash. Successfully but I cannot boot it. Maybe I should format usb drive before. Please for help. I am quite experienced user of many different distros of linux including salix but not for porteus. Thanks.

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Re: usb flash

Post#2 by donald » 15 Mar 2014, 14:00

So you have already burned a porteus live-Cd..boot this CD..seach for the
"install porteus"-icon..should be in the porteus settings center if i remember correctly.
another way for the usb-flash:
boot your live-CD...login as root (Pw= toor)
format your flash with a linux filesystem (ext2/3/4)
copy the two folders, boot and porteus, out of the iso onto the flash > navigate into this boot-folder (on your flash) and execute the ""
read the massages (where to install) carefully.
If all goes well you shoul have a bootable flash now.
you will also find many information in /boot/docs.. :wink:

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Re: usb flash

Post#3 by francois » 15 Mar 2014, 14:29

Welcome to porteus petrherynk! :)

1.0 Best solution for your would be to format your usb key to ext4. Did you try booting with the porteus cd to install porteus? Did you had a look at the install.txt file located in the /boot/document folder? Once booted with the cd, all you have to do is kde > applications > system > porteus installer, plug in your usb key and then follow the instructions.

2.0 Also from the porteus cd, in cli mode you can also config your the usb key bootloader with grubconfig module, see grubconfig to install easily grub legacy (0.97):

Then positioning yourself in the folder where is porteus mount porteus cd boot and porteus folders:

Code: Select all

root@porteus:~# cd /root/Downloads
root@porteus:~/Downloads# mloop Porteus-KDE4-v3.0-x86_64.iso
Then simply copy boot and porteus folders on the usb key.
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Re: usb flash

Post#4 by brokenman » 15 Mar 2014, 21:25

Unpack the ISO and read the instructions.
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