LILO boot loader

Here you can post about non-standard installation methods
(for example when using grub4dos).
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LILO boot loader

Post#1 by tome » 02 Mar 2014, 21:45

If syslinux or grub won't boot from pendrive (older BIOS) then try LILO.
Unpack downloaded Porteus iso image to pendrive (if you have not done this already!) and within Linux do next steps.

Go here: and download boot archive.
Extract boot to boot folder on your pendrive (without creating new subfolder for extracted files).
Go to this boot folder, read extracted "Readit..." file, open terminal (F4) here, switch user to root (su command) and type

Code: Select all

Eventually edit boot entries in

After every change in lilo configuration file, lilo should be updated/(re)installed, therefore it is easier to invoke grub4dos from lilo (chain loading). By changing grub4dos configuration file "menu...lst" you change boot entries and you can edit it even at boot (press F8 key), but it is not possible for lilo. (available in Porteus...iso) will install by default sys/extlinux for ext|vfat|msdos|ntfs|fuseblk|btrfs file systems, otherwise it will be lilo, if possible.

If you don't want use this script, install lilo package.
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