Porteus won't use porteussave.dat despites changes cheat cod

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Porteus won't use porteussave.dat despites changes cheat cod

Post#1 by signmeupscotty » 07 Feb 2014, 01:58

Hi guys (and girls!). Apologies if I'm missing something completely here; I'm still very much a Linux noob.

I'm running Porteus off of a USB stick, my only one currently (most of my things are in storage). I created a porteus save file and inserted the changes cheat code in the config file. I also carefully double-checked for misspellings ect.

For whatever reason, on boot, all the rest of my cheat codes appear to be working, and Porteus appears to recognize the cheat code, but after stating the directory, it shows and error along the lines of "sh: ... unknown operand", and defaults to a fresh system being copied into RAM.

So far, I've tried creating different save files, encrypted and unencrypted, and stored in different places on my removable media. I've tried substituting /mnt/sdb1 for /dev/sdb1, among other things. Yet it never recognizes it, for some reason.

Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? I'd provide a screenshot of the error but it happens during boot. :unknown:

Thank you for any assistance you have!


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Re: Porteus won't use porteussave.dat despites changes cheat

Post#2 by Ed_P » 07 Feb 2014, 02:25

What version of Porteus are using and what is the format of your USB stick?

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Re: Porteus won't use porteussave.dat despites changes cheat

Post#3 by donald » 07 Feb 2014, 03:34

@ signmeupscotty
create your porteussave.dat File and place it in the porteus-Folder on your
flash-drive.Then write changes=/porteus/porteussave.dat to the APPEND Line
in the porteus.cfg File.
I'm assuming that your flash-drive is formatted with a Fat32 Filesystem.
If you would use a Linux-Filesystem (ext2/3/4),you wouldn't need a save.dat file.

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Re: Porteus won't use porteussave.dat despites changes cheat

Post#4 by brokenman » 07 Feb 2014, 19:55

If it is not resolved please open a terminal and post the output of: cat /var/log/porteus-livedbg /proc/cmdline

Also provide the exact path to your savefile.dat (E.g /mnt/sdb1/savefile.dat)
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