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Full of knowledge
Full of knowledge
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Post#1 by donald » 10 Nov 2013, 11:29

If you like to know what your system tells every website you visit
click the link, you will be surprised.
The 2nd link show you what the referrer is telling from which site you came.
(scroll down)

for example
You might notice that Firefox tells everyone that you use porteus.
If you don't want this, you can edit/overwrite the user-agent string
In the FF address-bar put in about:config ,search for "general.useragent.override"
and edit the string,
but bear in mind that it is not useful to put something in like blablabla or 12345
because you will be the only one with this string.(easy to identify you).

you can also disable the HTTP-Referrer:
2. search for "network.http.send"
in "sendRefererHeader" change the value to 0
Disabling the referrer may bring problems on some special sites, in general it does not. 8)

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Re: Browserspy

Post#2 by Slaxmax » 10 Nov 2013, 16:23

For chrome/chromium edit user agent
for example:

Code: Select all

guest@porteus:~$ chromium --user-agent="teste"
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Re: Browserspy

Post#3 by Hamza » 12 Nov 2013, 21:15

The referrer (URL from where you come) is something sent by your own web browser. You can install 3rd party addon to delete it if you wish.

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