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Post#1 by franklin » 06 Nov 2013, 17:06

How would I be able to in Porteus Kiosk get cookies to persist. I'm trying to utilize this in a school setting on some machines without a hard drive to allow students online access to applications that they need to use. The teacher needs to authenticate the website for the kids once, but I would think that it needs to stay as a cookie. How would I be able to accomplish this utilizing the wizard. I was hoping to use the CD, but don't think it would work because it's not writable, and would reset on restart. How about USB? Is CD still possible?

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Re: Cookies

Post#2 by fanthom » 06 Nov 2013, 19:47

this thread contains some hints so please follow:

btw: i'll be moving this thread to the kiosk section of the forum.
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