Where is the create_modules script ?

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Where is the create_modules script ?

Post#1 by att » 02 Feb 2011, 12:48


I have a slight misunderstanding-problem concerning making modules.
I'm downloading txz-modules and I am using the script "txz2lzm" to convert txz modules to porteus-(64bit)-compatible lzm modules.
So far so good - it works fine under porteus, but I actually also have another computer with the "old" slax-remix v09 running on it, and when I try to use the "txz2lzm" script it fails.

I investigated the cause of failure: It was one line in the /usr/bin/txz2lzm-script :

create_module $TMPDIR "$2" -> the script "create_module" is missing in slax-remix v09.

So far so good.
Now, I formatted another USB-stick and switched to the "proper" latest porteus.
I used "txz2lzm" again, now it worked. I thought I should search for the "create_module" script that is called from the "txz2lzm" script.

Much to my surprise, I could not find anywhere on the file system any file called "create_module" - thus I am puzzled: Where is the "create_module" script in porteus? I cannot find it... ?
I wanted to add it back to the old slax-remix v09 version, that's why I ask.

Can you help me in finding the "create_module" script and tell me any steps necessary to add it to some old slax-remix v09 version?
Thanks for your help!!

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Re: Where is the create_modules script ?

Post#2 by Hamza » 02 Feb 2011, 12:58

it's in liblinuxlive library , go to /usr/lib/liblinuxlive


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Re: Where is the create_modules script ?

Post#3 by brokenman » 02 Feb 2011, 20:13

liblinuxlive is the main script Tomas uses for most functions. This changes in Porteus. In the txz2lzm you should see it called somewhere near the top. It lives in initrd but while you are booted, you can find it in /mnt/live or perhaps the path mentioned above.
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