Hot Swapping A Save Session

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Hot Swapping A Save Session

Post#1 by WavyLinesAreNotReal » 02 Oct 2013, 03:08

I was wandering, can Porteus hot swap saved sessions? (In other words, have Porteus load in a different saved session after already booting into your normal save file.)

I think it would be kind of neat to manage multiple sessions all at once.

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Re: Hot Swapping A Save Session

Post#2 by fanthom » 02 Oct 2013, 12:56

this is technically possible but will cause a lot of troubles as all demons would have to be restarted to recreate caches, sockets, pids, etc..
you may have better luck with saving live session to a module and then activating/deactivating it. still not sure if it would work as some modules may not be able to deactivate displaying a 'busy' message.
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