Viruses and Trojans

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Viruses and Trojans

Post#1 by tome » 13 Sep 2013, 09:05

New Trojan for Linux - Hanthie, more info: ... inth3wild/

Maybe it isn't malignant for Porteus (fresh mode), but for other distros it can be.
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Re: Viruses and Trojans

Post#2 by wread » 13 Sep 2013, 10:55

IMHO, this is the final cry of the dying :evil:
A virus is a malware that reproduces itself repeatedly. This is a security hole the professional hackers are exploiting commercialy.
There are powerful interested sectors trying to push the vocable "virus" into linux..... :twisted:

without success!
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Re: Viruses and Trojans

Post#3 by Rava » 28 Sep 2013, 19:29

Some crackers (these are the "evil, or black hat hackers) are targeting Linux machines specifically, since they can use the mechanism of bash and such for their "evil" doings, like, abusing the machine as spam host, so, to a very special branch of crackers, Linux machines are a target they try to infiltrate...

Anyhow... what about a Porteus based honeypot solution?

Or would a Puppy* based honeypot be more appropriate? Since usually folks use old outdated machines to act as a honeypot... and Puppy is best for such machines. (That, or DSL, that is...)
Yours Rava

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Re: Viruses and Trojans

Post#4 by donald » 28 Sep 2013, 20:30

Hi Rava
A honeypot is a nice toy.....if you have the time to sit there,watching what the
crackers are doing.....I prefer not to invite them.
(and if it's too simple to get in, I suppose that this could be a trap)

about Viruses and Trojans:
For a Home-user with a standalone pc for Internet-usage the most trouble-free solution is, to build a "all is installed and configured" Live-Cd...
so a always clean and fresh system is just a reboot away....

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