OpenBox addon for LXDE 2.1 64 bit

Here is a place for your projects which are not officially supported by the Porteus Team. For example: your own kernel patched with extra features; desktops not included in the standard ISO like Gnome; base modules that are different than the standard ISO, etc...
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OpenBox addon for LXDE 2.1 64 bit

Post#1 by ncmprhnsbl » 12 Aug 2013, 00:10

Module for Lxde (64bit)to enable Openbox as default desktop, add some nice things and shave a little ram usage.
Lxde is available through logout/LDM
Put it in your Modules folder and reboot. (or base) (or load=/path/to/mod cheatcode)
64 bit version 3.3mb
contains: *(from porteus repo unless otherwise indicated)
compton.xzm(from source make/install/copy-not packaged)
libconfig-1.4.9-x86_64-1sl.xzm(compton dep)
lua-5.1.5-x86_64-3sl.xzm(conky dep)
pcre-8.12-x86_64-1.xzm(compton dep)
tolua++-1.0.93-x86_64-1sl.xzm(conky dep)
xwininfo-1.1.2-x86_64-1.xzm(compton dep)

more again including:
compositing with compton(configured with /home/guest/.config/compton/compton.conf)
menu entries: start/stop setwindow opacity

menu filebrowser from crunchbang

wallpaper thumbnails and set with feh,

set as wallpaper entry in rightclick menu in spacefm for jpgs, etc..

calender in menu(needs monospace font)
system info in menu
menu link to keybinds listed in text file

gsimplecal set to tint2 clock(click)

audacious song info in conky

dark version of evolve gtk theme

conky doesnt stop on logout/change DE (menu>conky>stop conky)

something broken between openbox-menu and HumanityLxde icons-fix>change icon set eg. oxygen, awoken work fine(fixed in 2.1)

2 for openbox(menu4) the other for lxde(menu3) and their respective submenus (~/.config/openbox/pipemenus)

and more...

want to make your own? viewtopic.php?f=39&t=2232
build kit? with thanks to Ahau
32bit version here:
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