Porteus 2.1 final and Porteus Kiosk Edition 2.1 are out!

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Porteus 2.1 final and Porteus Kiosk Edition 2.1 are out!

Post#1 by brokenman » 09 Aug 2013, 03:33

The Porteus Community is pleased to announce the distribution release of Porteus 2.1 (Standard Desktop Edition), as well as Porteus Kiosk Edition 2.1! Major additions since our 2.0 release include restructuring our layout to have standalone iso's for five desktop environments (KDE4, RazorQT, Mate, Xfce and LXDE) and adding optional prepackaged modules for Google-Chrome, Opera, Libreoffice, Abiword, print/scan support and development software, all available through a new download interface that allows users to build and download customized ISO's at http://build.porteus.org.

You can download pre-built ISO's for your desired edition from the following links:
32-bit editions: http://dl.porteus.org/i486/current
64-bit editions: http://dl.porteus.org/x86_64/current

Additional modules (browsers, development, office, printing) and AMD/nVidia video drivers can also be found inside the 'modules' and 'drivers' folders shown in the links referenced above, so you can download these modules manually if you don't want to use the build wizard.

md5sums for all iso's and modules are listed in the 'md5sums.txt' file located in the same directory as the iso's.

You can download the Kiosk edition ISO and wizard here: http://www.porteus.org/download-kiosk.html

Please report all bugs and/or feedback for the Standard Desktop Editions in the relevant "bug reports" section of our forum: http://forum.porteus.org/
Please report all bugs and/or feedback for the Kiosk Edition on this thread: http://forum.porteus.org/viewtopic.php?f=104&t=2413

This release would not be possible without the efforts of our member community, thank you for your support and feedback! The developers also wish to thank their families for allowing us the time to create and improve Porteus! We're very excited about this release and hope you find it enjoyeable to use.

Below is our changelog from 2.1RC2 for the Standard Desktop Edition:
/boot folder:
- upgraded to linux-3.9.11
- kernel config: replaced BFS with CFS + autogroups for better scalability on multi CPU systems
- upgraded amd-catalyst pciids inside initrd
- added a note about 'dump-session' script to /boot/docs/cheatcodes.txt

- added udev rule which will mount all removable media in /mnt/dev-name folder and not /media or /run. advantages:
a) /etc/fstab is updated with correct entries (like filesystem) every time the device is plugged/removed
b) 'mopt=' cheatcode applies also to all removable devices
c) udisks(2) does not set it's own mount flags like 'showexec'
d) we can avoid whitespaces in folder names (ie: /media/my usb stick)
- added support for .xzm containers, more info at: http://forum.porteus.org/viewtopic.php? ... 125#p16125
- added 'dump-session' script for saving live session on a request when 'changes=EXIT' cheatcode is used
- added a check to rc.services to start firewall if rc.FireWall is executable
- updated rc.FireWall against new iptables so it wont give a warning about obsolete rules
- added fake 'make' script which informs that development module must be downloaded and activated manually
- upgraded to:

- updated FAQ to porteus-2.1
- upgraded to:

- downgraded to:

- upgraded to:

- upgraded MPlayer (thanks to fanthom for providing updated source/build)
- added 'changes=/porteus' back to the default boot option
- upgraded parcellite to resolve a bug with copy/paste files in pcmanfm (thanks TomasXu)
- converted a number of icons to .png format and added them alongside .svg's so the icons would work with the openbox right click menu (thanks ncmprhnsbl for the report)
- added 'gifsicle', which is required for creating animated gifs with mtpaint (thanks Rava!)

Fixed some panel colors in gtk-2.0/gtkrc
Fixed crashing clock bug (Thanks donald)
Fixed pinstaller bug in MATE (Thanks Sean)
Fixed missing Desktop folder in root (Thanks Hamza)

- upgraded MPlayer (thanks to fanthom for providing updated source/build)
- fixed broken txz/tgz icons in Thunar right click menus
- fixed Thunar right click menus that weren't working in RC2
- added 'gifsicle', which is required for creating animated gifs with mtpaint (thanks Rava!)

- upgraded to:

Bumped Opera and flashplayer to latest release

Bumped to 4.1.0

- added entries for brother scanners in /etc/sane.d/dll.conf
- added udev rule for brother scanners
- added brscan-skey, brscan, brscan2, brscan3 and brscan4 packages
- removed hplip systray desktop file from /etc/xdg/autostart as it was opening the icon in the middle of the screen instead of the task bar and is not necessary for printing.
(special thanks to francois for all his help in preparing and testing the printing module!)

- recompiled all drivers against 3.9.11 kernel
- upgraded to:

Kiosk edition changelog from 2.0.5:
- reenabled 'Tab' button when 'disable address bar' option is selected
- implemented support for IP ranges in 'whitelist IP' function
- added 'Power saving/shutdown' section to the wizard which allows to switch to one of supported power states (freeze, standby, suspend - availability depends on motherboard/BIOS) or power off PC completely after a period of inactivity.

- upgraded to linux-3.9.11
- upgraded to xf86-video-intel-2.12.13 to resolve font rendering issues on Gen2 Intel GPUs
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