Cinnamon desktop

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Cinnamon desktop

Post#1 by roelof » 06 Aug 2013, 15:36

I like to try this distro on a hard disk of 80G which is the second disk.

But I wonder if I can have the Cinnamon desktop and if not, is it easy to make this one aviable.
I have no problem to help with making and testing the buildscripts.

Is there a sort of manual how to make the buildscripts then ?


Roelof Wobben

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Re: Cinnamon desktop

Post#2 by fanthom » 06 Aug 2013, 21:57

Cinnamon is not present in our DE selection but there is Mate which may be worth trying.
compiling DE from sources is a time consuming task but if you want to try then please grab some slackbuilds from here:
and study them. they are really straight forward if you know shell programing language a bit.
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Re: Cinnamon desktop

Post#3 by brokenman » 07 Aug 2013, 02:29

Compiling cinnamon is going to require all the latest gnome3 dependencies and bloat. I compiled and ran gnome3 on porteus for a while but then the latest version wouldn't run with my intel integrated graphics chip so I gave up. Would be nice to see cinnamon running on Porteus so feel free to take it on.
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