[SOLVED] Font display in Firefox

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Hool de Nord
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[SOLVED] Font display in Firefox

Post#1 by Hool de Nord » 22 Jan 2011, 17:52

I've compared differences between how the font
is displayed in Porteus, Slax and Windows:

Is it just me, or the font displayed in Porteus is the ugliest?
I installed Microsoft Core Fonts in Porteus before comparing,
but I think that Firefox just doesn't use installed fonts.

Sorry if it's not a bug.


Ok, maybe I didn't describe my problem clearly.
When I install Windows fonts in Slax, Firefox uses them.
When I install Windows fonts in Porteus, Firefox ignores them
(at least default font stays the same).

Nevermind, it's probably me doing something wrong.
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Re: Font display in Firefox

Post#2 by fanthom » 23 Jan 2011, 18:30

i have used dejavu-fonts-ttf by default.
if you have other proposition please post it and i'll consider adding or replacing default one.
Please add [Solved] to your thread title if the solution was found.

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Re: Font display in Firefox

Post#3 by bong » 16 Apr 2011, 16:34

as a follow up can you just make sure that firefox uses all available fonts in the system first so that it can render websites the way the website designers intended them to be viewed? or is this not an option in linux because i noticed that opensuse
firefox does the same thing its uses the system default font but wont use other installed fonts to render the website accurately like it does in windows.
Opera behaves the same on windows also, if it can find the fonts then it will use them.

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