Change USB drive letter for install

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Change USB drive letter for install

Post#1 by datapanix » 16 Jul 2013, 16:08

I looked but couldn't find a thread on this.

I'm trying to install Porteus to USB key but when I use the Windows installer it keeps trying to install to the same drive that the Porteus DVD is on. How do I change the install to drive?


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Re: Change USB drive letter for install

Post#2 by donald » 16 Jul 2013, 23:57

Hi datapanix

Not an answer to your Question, but the easiest way to install
Porteus on a usb-stick

boot your Porteus Live-CD in fresh-mode and launch the
Porteus-installer located in the porteus-settings-center
and follow the on-screen instructions.

additional Information can be found in /boot/docs/install.txt

2nd way:

boot your Porteus Live-CD in fresh-mode
and then copy the two Folders (boot and porteus) out of the iso onto
your usb-stick, run installer for ( all done as root)
will give you a bootable one.

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Re: Change USB drive letter for install

Post#3 by brokenman » 17 Jul 2013, 02:26

You are most probably running the windows installer found on the Porteus DVD. You should copy to the contents of your Porteus DVD onto your USB stick, and then run the windows installer from the USB stick.

The easiest resolution would be donald's advice. Be sure to read the information of the installer carefully.
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Re: Change USB drive letter for install

Post#4 by AndyInMokum » 17 Jul 2013, 17:08

I couldn't get it to install via the installer. It just wasn't having it. I finally installed it from the terminal, with no problems. Just remember to be logged in as "root" not "guest" while doing it. It is a little fiddly but if you follow the installation instructions to the letter, you should have no problems. I'm really very new to Linux so anyone can do it, I just have to configure mine from this point. That will take some time. Good luck! :D

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Re: Change USB drive letter for install

Post#5 by francois » 17 Jul 2013, 20:35

Welcome to porteus datapanix. How much are you familiar with linux?
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