Scree Rotation

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Scree Rotation

Post#1 by slavi » 01 Jul 2013, 11:15

Can I rotate screen to the left (90 dgr)?

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Re: Scree Rotation

Post#2 by fanthom » 01 Jul 2013, 11:56

yes but this feature would require manual tweaking of the autostart file:

a) please grab 'xrandr' utility from 32bit porteus-2.x or slackware-14.0 and place in /porteus/rootcopy/bin directory (this utility will be added by default to kiosk 2.0.5)
b) please unsquash /porteus/base/003-settings.xzm and add following command to squashfs-root/etc/xdg/openbox/autostart

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xrandr -o left &
this command should be placed before:

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# Set wallpaper for kiosk:
hsetroot -fill /usr/share/wallpapers/default.jpg &
so your wallpaper will look correctly.
c) squash 003-settings.xzm back and create new ISO
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Re: Scree Rotation

Post#3 by xizel » 09 Sep 2014, 14:57

Hi im really new to this i searching how to do this also but i dont seem to undrestand the instructions below.

all i want is porteuse to boot with a specific webpage and in portrait mode without any navigation bars etc..

can i do it, if yes how?

many thanks

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