some thoughts about Porteus

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some thoughts about Porteus

Post#1 by donald » 17 Jun 2013, 17:13

Hello everybody
My Name is Donald (not really) and i'm living in Berlin/Germany.(that's true) I'm 55 years old and
I only had English at School long, long ago,so please......

First of all, thank you for building Porteus.(especially XFCE)
Now what is spinning round in my Mind about the Future of Porteus.The Future is 64bit,no doubt,
BUT: 64bit Pc's are modern,with lot of cpu-power,ram and storage-space.So they are able to run
every nowadays distro...

Let's have a look at 32bit
I really believe this is the section where Porteus can become the one and only.
1.The Evolution of 32bit-Pc's have come to an End,so the Hardware is well known and supported.
2.Many User's dont want to throw their Boxes away because current distributions
do not run anymore on them.
So they are looking for a small distribution that fits, and as we all know there are
not so many out there.

Now Porteus itself:
Version 2.0 is very good, so please don't change anything if there is no need, just fix bugs
Which DE? OK! (my) first choice is XFCE ,2. LXDE, Razor no, and no mixing,one DE one iso.

Dammed I have to cut here (time is up)
So what do you think?
Maybe later more
Regards donald

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Re: some thoughts about Porteus

Post#2 by pip » 11 Jul 2013, 10:28

I agree. Porteus impressed me greatly.
I am a newbie to Linux & have just spent a week researching the most effective solution for people who have minimal computer skills, some of whom can't even afford PC. I tried out every derivative of Ubuntu (and did consider some to be okay) but didn't even notice Porteus until the recent RC announcement over at DistroWatch. The build I evaluated was the Razor-QT one. I thought it was so good that I went back & tried the custom-build page to get an ISO that included Skype, Chrome & LibreOffice. Installing to a HDD directly from a disc wasn't as idiot-proof as some other distros I've seen, but still very easy to do. I haven't yet set up a bootable USB to run Porteus from -- but I know I will be.
...oh, unlike Donald, I actually do like the Razor-QT version. I haven't tried the others though.

Big thanks to everybody who made Porteus possible.

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