LaTeX/XeLaTeX required

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LaTeX/XeLaTeX required

Post#1 by psking » 06 Jun 2013, 12:25

Thank you for the great distro.

However I am a researcher and need LaTeX/ XeLaTeX as my daily working tools.

Will you do me the favor to transfer me a copy?

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Re: LaTeX/XeLaTeX required

Post#2 by brokenman » 07 Jun 2013, 10:47

I believe Tonio did some great work with Latex and posted a thread on it. Unfortunately links from his thread were being targeted by spambots and we disabled the thread to circumvent this. Will look at re-enabling it for you. Please wait a day and then search the forum for latex and check out Tonio's thread.

Hamza has fixed this now. Here is Tonio's thread. ... 04&p=13015
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