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New features which should be implemented in Porteus; suggestions are welcome. All questions or problems with testing releases (alpha, beta, or rc) should go in their relevant thread here, rather than the Bug Reports section.
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Re: Porteus Web Wizard

Post#16 by Hamza » 08 Jun 2013, 15:25

Average download speed was and is, still, 450 kilobytes/sec, so it always takes about 8-10 minutes to download.
This should be faster? I have doubled the actual bandwidth speed available for downloads and this is still slow. The problem come from your ISP.
web wizard appears to be functioning properly, giving correct download sizes, and allowing
for slow downloaders (180 kb/s)
Glad to know it's working.
One of the "completed" downloads (from yesterday) has an ISO where I cannot extract the "print-module" correctly, despite Firefox said that the download was finished properly.
Still having this issue? Which architecture chosen on wizard ?

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